“The word is powerful, transformative, and life enhancing and brings balance and harmony to communities of people.”

got stories

In oral cultures, the griot or community storyteller is responsible for the performance of rituals, entertainment, and education of the community. Stories, the power of the spoken and written-word, create an opportunity for advocacy.  It is empowering for a person to have the resources to tell their own story.  “People’s stories report their reality as they need to tell it, as well as reporting, what they believe their listeners are prepared to hear,”  (Frank, 2012, p 38).

Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie passionately advocates for narrative expansion in her groundbreaking speech, The Danger of a Single StoryStorytelling creates an opportunity to “…in the simplest sense of gathering voices to give them a more evocative voice so that these storytellers can hear each other, and so they can be heard collectively,” ( p. 36).

Through narrative advocacy, this platform champions for those willing to bring their own seat to the table. There is power is allowing a person to tell their own story on their own terms. Folding Chair is an attempt to increase opportunities for stories instead of a story.

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